About Us (en)

Hi everyone!

We are team of engineers and instructional designers to enable innovation through education based in Tokyo.

Now we are supporting around 50 educational institutions and corporate in following area;

  1. Deployment of learning platform (Moodle, Canvas, Open edX, Blackboard)
  2. Content Creations
  3. Udemy course publishing
    1. Master Linux in 5 days
    2. Master Java in 10 days
    3. Build Web App with PHP7 in weekend
    4. Master Moodle course creation in One day.
    5. Master Ruby on Rails in 5 days
  4. Makers Program
    1. Teach& Learn Programming and Makers Program for kids and students
      1. Raspberry Pi
      2. Arduino
      3. Python
      4. Scratch
      5. Processing / p5.js

Feel free to contact us if you have any interest to work with us! Hiroki Inoue Chief Learning Technologist Hiroki Inoue hinoue”@”learningdesign.jp